BEM FE Untar proudly presents the BIGGEST annual Sports Event

BEM FE Untar proudly presents the BIGGEST annual Sports Event

Badan Eksekutif Mahasiswa Fakultas Ekonomi Universitas Tarumanagara (BEM FE UNTAR) proudly presents the BIGGEST annual sports event in Tarumanagara University, PORSI ALTERATION “Action Leads to Evolution for the Next Generation” from November 08-22, 2018 at Hall D 8th floor, Campus 2 Tarumanagara University.

Bringing back the competitions that you've been waiting for!
-9Ball Competition 9th - 11th November 2018
-FIFA Competition 14th – 15th November 2018
-PUBG Mobile Competition 15th November 2018
-Futsal Competition 8th – 22nd November 2018
-Mobile Legends Competition 12th – 14th November 2018
-3x3 Competition 12th - 16th November 2018
-Badminton Competition 17th – 21st November 2018
-Table Tennis Competition 16th - 18th November 2018
-Dance Competition 21st November 2018

Get yourself/your team REGISTERED before November 7, 2018 at Hall BC 1st floor, Campus 2 Tarumanagara University and here's your chance to win a total prizes of IDR 50 MILLION. There will be a Sponsor Exhibition too from November 20-22, 2018, featuring 50+ tenants and grab the chance to get FREE samplings, merchandises, and many more.

Performing Live: Glen (Indonesian Idol), Andmesh, & Alif Rizky
November 22, 2018 at Campus 2 Tarumanagara University

So, what are you waiting for? COME JOIN US AND START YOUR ADVENTURE HERE!

For further information, please contact:
0819 0869 0707 (Cecilia Lisky)
0812 8923 0707 (Veneishia Gricelda)

or visit our website:
Line/Instagram: @bemfeuntar
Twitter: @bemfe_untar

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