The 2019 Asian English Olympics

The 2019 Asian English Olympics

The Asian English Olympics is back! This prestigious and most awaited English competition in Asia will finally return in February 2019. This time, The Asian English Olympics will come up with the theme “Broaden Your Horizon”. This theme conveys a message for youths all over Asia to go beyond their limitations and get the chance to broaden their own horizon. The only way they can go beyond their limitations is by taking the chance to get over the challenges. 

The 8th Asian English Olympics will have 8 fields of competitions: Debate, Speech, Spelling Bee, Scrabble, Newscasting, Storytelling, Short Story Writing (online), and Radio Drama (online). To make it more challenging and exciting, the rounds of competition are concepted and fitted with international competition standard. Moreover, The 2019 Asian English Olympics has invited some experts across Asia to be the judges of the competitions. Not only that, they will also train the participants and give them guidance before the competition begins. So, participants who had never experienced the competition before will be able to gain their confidence and compete in this English Olympics.

In 2018, The Asian English Olympics has gained a lot of spotlights. The 7th Asian English Olympics has succeeded in continuing the success of The Asian English Olympics. The 2018 Asian English Olympics was participated by more than 670 students from 11 countries all around Asia, such as Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, South Korea, Philippines, Malaysia, Vietnam, Macao, Bangladesh, Laos, and Cambodia. The 2019 Asian English Olympics is also brought to continue the Asian English Olympics journey. This long awaited event will be held in Jakarta on February 11 - 15, 2019 in BINUS University - Kemanggisan Campus. Instead of being just an ordinary competition, this event will be full of fun and various fascinating activities. Some of the programs which will raise  the excitement are: Opening Ceremony of The 2019 Asian English Olympics, Coaching Clinic, Breaking Announcement, and also the Closing Ceremony of The 2019 Asian English Olympics.

This challenging yet full of fun English competition will hopefully encourage everyone to be brave enough to get through any limitations and live a full life. We cannot wait to see and welcome you to the most awaited English Olympics, The 2019 Asian English Olympics!

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